Our Heart Pumps Green and Gold

The past year has been a challenging and heart-wrenching one for South Africans. And yet amidst all the bad, our resilient rainbow nation always seems to find small but wonderful ways to find hope and stand together as a nation.

Whilst Phoenix & the Llama was started in London, the heart of the brand pumps green and gold and I am so happy we found our way back home, settling in Cape Town to grow our family, as well as the business, a key vision to challenge the status quo and empower our fellow South Africans to be bold, be different and never be afraid to set the trend.

In light of our vision and the unique, supportive culture in South Africa, let’s continue to inspire hope through our daily actions. Start supporting the South African makers and buy local as much as possible. 

Buying local is a key factor to developing a country’s economy. If we want South Africa to prosper and continue to find hope, we need to encourage and support local entrepreneurs and businesses.  

Choosing to buy local also allows you to break the mould with unique products where quality, care and time is invested into the entire product creation process and believe me, from what I’ve seen the proudly South African products out there always seem to have a special level of care and love poured into them.

Lastly, buying local allows you to support the maker. This means you are dealing with a person so you will be treated like a person, a special person at that. With human interaction on the decline, adding a human touch to any buying process makes it that much more worthwhile. 

Wanting to set the trend today? Take your first step by supporting the maker. Buy Local.

All the best 


Photo Cred: https://www.facebook.com/McLaganPhotography/

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